This is our Ala Carte Menu – March 2015. We offer plenty of options for those on vegan and gluten free diets. Many dishes are suitable for other dietary restrictions and allergies and our staff will happily guide guests through the menu where needed.



Baby Bahn mi- Our take on the classic Vietnamese bread roll. Filled with our own pickles, fresh salad, gochujang and kewpie mayo OR Ssam Style (Korean for enclosed/wrapped) served with lettuce and fresh herbs, and dressed in a sesame gochujang mayo, with your filling choice of :

~Pulled pork GF 7
~Fried tofu V/GF 6
~Soft shell crab GF 10
~Chicken & Suan Chai GF 7
Beetroot carpaccio with Pat Chun dressing, edamame, cucumber, carrot, pickled ginger and puffed rice V 12
San choy bao with stir-fried tofu, water chestnuts, mushrooms and snake beans (GF on request) V 9
~add duck
Sesame prawn toasts with garlic chives and black caramel vinegar (4) 10
Flat fried sesame gyoza crisps with white miso tahini smoky eggplant sauce and pickles (3) V 9
Caramelized pork bites - twice cooked pork belly served with green nam jim, crispy shallots and garlic chips GF 13.5
KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)
Eric's seven spice crispy chicken ribs
tossed with spring onions and whole chillies.
served with mint sauce.
~5 pieces $12
~10 pieces $19 GF
Steamed pork and prawn dumplings with tamari, sesame and black vinegar dressing 12.5
Rice Queen mini 'Jian Ping' series (chinese pancake roll) with sesame hoisin 0
Soft shell crab 10
Tofu V 7
Seared Wagyu tataki, ponzu dressing, wasabi mayo and herb salad 15


Papaya salad with snake beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, crispy shallots and fresh herbs in a lime and soy dressing V/GF 15
Spiced duck with salted cucumber ribbons, chilli, pickled ginger and sesame dressing GF 19
Thai beef salad with fresh herbs, roasted coconut, shallots, peanuts, capsicum and bean sprouts with Kenny's dressing GF 19
Salt and pepper squid on a glass noodle salad of carrot, cucumber, goji, fresh herbs and lime chilli dressing 18
Rice Queen fried rice with prawn, char sui roast pork, spring onion and roasted chili sauce 15
Wok fried spicy eggplant with tofu and garlic sauce V/GF 16


Pad Thai noodles, vegan or vegetarian, with egg, peanuts, bean shoots and spring onion V 18
- add chicken
Lamb backstrap wok tossed with spicy cumin seasoning and mixed peppers, served with steamed rice GF 20
Slow cooked beef cheek served with Bao buns, hoisin, pickled cucumbers and fresh herbs (4) 24
Steamed Market Fish fillets, coconut tom yum sauce, cucumber and tomato salad. Served with steamed rice.
Korean DIY tacos - slow roasted Korean style pork served with steamed rice, kimchi, butter lettuce cups and our own homemade 'ssam' sauce GF 23
Slow cooked spicy beef short rib with Kyuumi Togarashi and Korean potato salad 23.5
Kiri Hodi - aromatic Sri Lankan vegetable curry of brocolli, baby corn, potato and snake beans V/GF 18
- add chicken GF 4
Roast duck leg with sweet and sour Malay red curry of pineapple, beetroot and pickled onion GF 22
North indian spicy Goat curry (cooked on the bone) with housemade pickled cucumbers and red onion GF 24


Indonesian Gado Gado with tofu, steamed vegetables, bean shoots, fried shallots, egg and satay sauce V/GF 11
Our house pickles V/GF 4.5
Stir fry seasonal Asian greens with garlic V/GF 10
Roti 4
Thick cut sugar bun chips with sesame and chilli seasoning V 5
Steamed rice V/GF 3
Brown rice V/GF 4
Side of satay sauce V/GF 3
Kimchi with sesame seeds (housemade) V 3.5


Coconut pannacotta with berry soup and mango dust 11
Dark chocolate sorbet served with a dash of Kahlua and Frangelico, a sprinkle of sesame and a touch of chilli (non alcoholic option available) V 11
Rice Queen ice-cream cone - we make are own flavours every day. Please ask for today's selection 6
Apple and Chai "Sundae" - Compressed granny smith, Chai ice cream and almond crumble GF 11

Or instead of dessert...

Espresso Martinez...tequila, kahlua and fresh espresso V/GF 17

Feed Me

Can't decide? Sit back and let the magic happen with our Chef's selection banquet menus

Me so hungry
For those with an appetite!
Five dishes plus sides served as a banquet over 2 courses

Dietary requirements can be catered for.
Sumo deluxe
For the truly ravenous!!
Seven dishes plus sides served as a banquet over 3 courses

Dietary requirements can be catered for.

GF = gluten free, V = vegetarian, VG = vegan